Camper Living, One Month Report Card

Yesterday marked one month since I arrived in Pasadena. I have the van for little side trips and adventures, but we are living in a rented Airbnb camper so that I can decide if camper living is something I can do long term.

It’s been a fun, unpredictable, challenging, educational month. Lots of people are “jealous” of the life I’m living, and yes there are some really, really cool aspects to it. But there are also realities that people don’t understand.

It’s SMALL. Yes, tiny living is an adjustment. The shower is about 18” wide so there aren’t luxurious showers, but I’m used to that from the Dominican Republic. The ceilings are short (I’m 5’3” and can touch the ceilings). So the result of this is multiple times cracking my head open on cabinets 🙄. The bedroom is just that. A room that fits a bed and nothing else. And then there’s the stress. I’m in the Airbnb for one more month and then it’s anyone’s guess.

The good? I LOVE IT here. I love being in California again. I love the little camper and where we are.

The dogs are good. Walter has been “off” for a week or so. Not sure what’s up with him.

I’ve been meeting some guys via online dating. That’s a whole other blog 😳.

Three year ago right now, my dad was dying. It’s a tough time because looking back, this was the beginning of the end of my life as I knew it. His death was the beginning of a whole downhill spiral in my life.

So for now, I’m still in the camper. Still trying to figure out next moves. And randomly falling into complete denial and avoidance of my reality.

Life goes on…


~ Lisa